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Pantone announced Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year! New York Fashion Week had shades of green exploding all over the runways, while green bridal trends are center stage for Spring. Susie shares some of her expert tips for using green in your event decor, wardrobe and more!

Do you like the emerald green and other green palates happening this year?

Green is a fantastic choice for a “color of the year”. Emerald evokes feelings of majestic and mystical places. It is regal and precious and festive. Other tones of greens are also making their mark – from minty sorbet  to earthen hues of sage, pistachio and clover, green can be seen everywhere in tablescapes, fashion, and home decor. Green is not just for “go green” themes and staying eco-friendly. This year, we are stepping out and using green to make bold statements!

What is your favorite shade of green to incorporate into an event?

I have been a big fan of acidy colors like chartreuse for a long long time and will continue to incorporate this shade of green into 2013 events.  Softer hues such as willow continue to be wonderful choices for a baby shower, a shabby chic set up or even a wedding when coupled with maize and cream. In 2013, we have an opportunity to add a splash of emerald and kelly to decor, and unquestionably, our events will explode with vibrancy.  With recent trends in geometrics such as chevron,  matching patterns with bold solids like Emerald will create whimsy, energy and scream FUN at any event!

How would you utilize the Emerald Green trend in bridal fashion?

Bridal trends always take note from Pantone’s Color of Year. Of course bridesmaids dresses in shades of Emerald will be available in fit and flare silhouettes by spring. A pair of green metallic shoes, nail polish colors such as Misty Jade and Sour Green , a clutch embellished in emerald colored fabrics and certainly jewelry made of jade, emerald, beach glass and other green semi precious stones will be on-trend this spring and summer. Bouquets of green have always been around – but this year more than ever you can expect more than green florals; accents of green stones and vibrant ribbons will make their mark on bridal bouquets.

Have you incorporated any shades of green into your personal wardrobe since Pantone released the 2013 Color of the Year? 

Susie’s Choo’s

Well… having gone to a school with a green uniform from K-12, I have to admit green was banished from my wardrobe for years. However,  green has slowly seeped back into my closet – I love a chartreuse accent both for a fashion night out and for workout wear! Bringing Emerald into the mix? Well,  I have to admit I have my  eye on a emerald python clutch and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that would be a smashing addition to my wardrobe.

What is your favorite new fabric/ linen of the moment in these shades? 

We have two new patterns, Lime Chevron and Mystique, that are bold, daring and on-trend. We have a great new Sheer Sequin Azalea line which is also stunning in lime. Another crowd please, Leaf Jungle is available in celery and is pretty fabulous.

Any tips for accenting an event in emerald green? 
Green will be most effective when it is paired with a powerful color partner. Green can work when coupled with other brights like orange or yellow if you are looking to create a casual festive environment.  However, Emerald can also become the belle of the ball at night when it is grounded with navy or brown or even a black white damask. Emerald can create intense drama at night when lit properly and combined with palettes that let it shine. Surprisingly colors like Emerald and Chartreuse can look fabulous with copper or platinum. Greens can work with metallics in unexpected ways.

What is your favorite green food?

As a girl who loves veggies, my fridge is filled with green. From lettuce and cucumbers to edamame and Brussels sprouts, going green is easy in my kitchen. But, sometimes a girl needs to splurge! For a special treat after a long day, you may just find me curled up on the sofa with a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream

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