Quick & Easy Centerpieces

Short on time, but want to wow your guests? Real Simple recently published an article showcasing twenty 5-minute centerpiece ideas for every occasion. It inspired us at Party Mosaic to explore a few of our favorites to pair up with complimentary linens. 
Fruit Fillers
Pick up some miniature citrus fruits like kumquats and key limes on your next grocery visit. Place them in a clear vase to add a burst of color to your centerpiece. Also, you can use larger fruits like oranges and lemons and slice them up for a juicer effect! 
This type of centerpiece would look great with our Lemon Sheer Linen for a casual, outdoor event in the sunshine.

Striking Branches
Whether real or fake, it’s a great idea to spray paint branches with a bright color to showcase them as a centerpiece. They can be displayed alone or in glass bottles or vases, or even spray painted mason jars. Try out this look with our Rosebud Line for a striking effect at your next party.
Flower Box Table Runner
Pick up a long flower box and fill it with your favorite blooms. Gerber daisies and sunflowers both work well and you can convert the centerpiece to an outdoor flower box after the party. If you run out of flowers and have to improvise, add some candles with glass stones instead!
Try this centerpiece out with our Turquoise Mystique Linen.

For the full Real Simple article and other inspirational ideas, click HERE.
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