Style by Susie: The Great Gatsby

1. Who is your favorite character in the Great Gatsby and why? Ok so this is a tough one. Contenders are  Nick, Daisy and of course, Gatsby.  The problem is that they are all flawed. In my heart, I wanted Daisy to win, but knowing how she was caught in an era when it was hard to put passion before societal norms, it was still painful to watch her as she wimped out. While Nick was a great observer and recorder of everything that he witnessed and ultimately was drawn into, he failed to intervene and stand up for what he knew was right. He was caught up in the moment and enamored with everything he experienced but became an enabler. Gatsby was undoubtedly flawed. While he lived a grand life and put on a grand show, one could easily argue he was an imposter with absurdly unrealistic dreams. However, despite the slow unraveling of his lofty dreams through the course of the story, he remained true to his vision and was unwavering in his optimism. So, in the end, for me Gatsby wins because he stayed true to his vision and character despite the fact that his persona was flawed! Tough Decision!

2. What would you personally wear to a Great Gatsby themed party? Where to begin? Well the dress would be drop waisted, adorned with beads and fringe and fabulousness. The palette of my ensemble would be champagne or blush and the fabric would be encrusted with gems. Now, for the hair….  I guess I would have to add an accessory – something deco and diamond and dripping, and suppose I would have to borrow it from Harry Winston, of course. And the shoes? Sadly I just cannot embrace a low hour-glass shaped heel T Strap so my shoe choice would be a metallic Mary Jane.
3. What is the best accessory someone can wear to a Great Gatsby inspired party? Hands down it would be a great hairpiece. It could have a feather, it could drip with pearls, or it could be a headband anchored with sequins, but no question a fabulous hairpiece would be mandatory!
4. For the host, what party decorations are essential?Whether you are planning a casual cocktail party or sit down dinner, think deco flapper and decadent.  To start, I imagine a great invitation to set with stage with a geometric fonts, heavy cardstock and graphics in black and gold. Embossed metallic. At the party, certainly one would want to deck the tables with fringed cloths like Mosaic’s Eyelash as well as other flowey fabrics encrusted with detail. From Mosaic’s collection, Leaf Jungle and Rajistan come to mind. For florals, certainly orchids and roses would be me choice – arranged in deco vases and mint julip cups. Crystals and pearls could be dripping off the arrangements, accenting the tables and create a chic backdrop for celebration.  As for food… thinking of waldorf salad and oysters rockfellers.  No Gatsby party would be complete without champagne, which would have to be flowing all night long.
Leaf Jungle


5. Mint Julip, Brandy Sour or Champagne?  Duh, Champagne please. And preferably Dom.
6. White flowers are a popular theme in the film… what type of bouquet would you recommend for a classic look? While flowers were everywhere and the concept of more-is-more certainly applied to the decadent scene, other signature styles of the era were tight, sculpted and geometric. Thinking of the slick hair-dos and tight curls and geometric motif prevalent in design, I can imagine a sculpted romantic decadent bouquet filled with orchids, fragrant blooms and blush colored roses exploding with romance. Ok, in the end I  may loosen the bouquet by adding a few strands of gems and pearls.
7. Which of Party Mosaic’s linens would you say are ‘Vintage Glam?’ Sparked by this movie and the fact that vintage has been en-vogue in recent years, I can think of lots of linens which could go vintage glam! As mentioned above, Rajistan, leaf jungle and eyelash are great examples of cloths that fit the era.  We have a great cutwork lace cloth that would be perfect juxtaposed with a metallic cloth peaking through in an unexpected way.  Funzi and rosebud would also be well suited for a Roaring 20’s party. Dressing up the chairs with paillette chair treatments and/or rosettes on bikini chairbacks would enhance the drama.


8. Jay Gatsby wears an iconic pink linen suit in the film. Which of your linens best reminds you of it? Not to digress, but since we are talking about Gatsby’s clothes, can we talk a minute about that incredible scene in the movie when Gatsby is seducing Daisy in his bedroom, throwing dozens of his crisp folded cotton shorts over the balcony onto Daisy reclining on his bed. How fabulous was that scene? OK back to the question. A new favorite linen of mine is Mosaic’s blush pink satin bold stripe. While it is not deco, the color and bold linear design remind me of Gatsby. Had he been courting a woman in a slightly different era, I can see her wearing a fantastic bustled ball gown in this fabric.

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