Style by Susie

As the owner of Mosaic, Susie Perelman attends a wide variety of events throughout the year. Here are some stylish tips that you can apply to any special occasion.  
What would Susie wear to….

A Black Tie Gala
To me, a black tie affair is all about romance.  I love light weightless chiffony fabrics. Being smaller framed, when I wear heavy sculpted fabrics, sometimes I cannot pull it off. I prefer pastels, metallic and soft toned hues. Oscar De La Renta is one of my favorite designers. Delicate accessories and high graceful heels complete the look for me. Choos, Manolos and Louboutins are my go-to shoes because they are comfy and classic. While I may pull a piece of hair back, I most likely wear it down and at times even have extensions in my hair, creating a long flowing look for my black tie affair.
Susie (in Oscar de la Renta) and her husband Gregg at Forces of Nature benefiting EPTA’s
Susie’s tips…
1) Pay attention to the type of event it is—Going to a wedding? Don’t wear a white or ivory gown. Going to a Gala in the Arts- funk it up and make your outfit more playful with color or accessories and select a gown from a cutting edge designer.
2) Select something appropriate for the time of year – wearing a nigh necked or long sleeve gown in summer can be hot and comfortable. Wearing a strapless chiffon in winter and having to keep a shrug or wrap on all night never allows guests to see how gorgeous your outfit is!
3) Take the time to do it right—going to a black tie affair requires some prep. Plan your outfit, make an appointment for hair and nails, and do a dry run to make sure it is all coming together (and that you don’t require new undergarments) will make the big night more fun. Last minute scrambling for an undergarment or to paint your toes will just cause stress.

An Art Opening
Selecting just one outfit to wear? Impossible— there are always so many great options out there to mix and match. For a casual opening in an artsy neighborhood, I would opt for skinny jeans, some super high chunked out or platform heels and an artsy top.  For footwear, I would definitely opt for Charlotte Olympia, I just love their eclectic designs and they are super comfy (as far as 4”-6” heels go!)
Yigal Azrouel is one of my favorite designers who draws inspiration from a melting pot of global culture. His pieces tend to be on trend and fun, especially since you don’t have to dress in his collection head to toe.  
Jewelry and accessories can be funky and artsy if the outfit is more simple and tailored. A chunky necklace with raw cut stones, a big wrap bracelet or dangling oversized earrings would be my choice of an “anchor” accessory for a simpler outfit. I became obsessed with Fendi years ago, and most seasons  they incorporate an incredibly funky fun bag onto their runway collection. I love to give a little creative punch to my ensembles with a special Fendi bag when attending art related events. As a boheme at heart, you may find me incorporate a few small braids into my hair when going out.  And with naturally curly hair, an art opening would be the perfect place to go as a curly girly!
Susie’s tips…
1) Don’t overdo it. You cannot wear an artsy top, some funky earrings and a “to-die-for” bag all together.  Select one punch of color or piece of jewelry and it will carry your look for the night. 
2) Go a little wild with the makeup. While I traditionally stay natural or go with a smoky look, incorporating a new of-the-moment lip color or eye shadow adds flair and fun to any outfit.
3) Carry yourself with confidence. Sometimes the art world can seem esoteric and intimidating. The good news is that most artsy souls welcome different perspectives and opinions. So grab a glass of wine, and jump right into the conversation. You will come home with new insights and perhaps a new friend or two!
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