Gore Decor

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to pick up some gory, yet chic décor!

Stop at your local craft store to pick up some cheesecloth and burlap. The cheesecloth is a great pick to emulate cobwebs on your table linens and can be placed outdoors on stairs or statues to create a creepy vibe for trick-or-treaters. Wouldn’t this look great on our Black Sheer with Silver Fireworks linen?

Burlap accents over a mantle can be a stylish addition to any living room. An easy at-home DIY project, this decoration can be completed with the help of the kids too.
Once personalized with monograms and other colored accents, these accessories would complement dining room buffet table overflowing with Halloween treats anchored with Mosaic’s Helix linens- available in orange, apple, blueberry and black!

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