Head over heels for vintage

Something old, something new …

Vintage inspired weddings have become increasingly more popular as couples are taking aspects of the past and making them new again. We are head over heels for this modern day vintage trend and love the mix of elegance, style and flair. 1Mosaic helped set the scene for this unforgettable Vintage + Flair wedding with beautiful cutwork lace linens that evoke timeless style, with a hint of sentiment from eras gone by.


3 Planner: When Pigs Fly; Events Linens: Ivory Cutwork Lace

When it comes to vintage décor, mix and match is the way to go. Try incorporating family treasured antiques and vintage pieces like antique bird cages and vintage spoons as event props. Vintage birdcages are this season’s whimsical must-have item because they can be incorporated into a variety of décor elements such as beautiful centerpieces and lighting accessories.

Create a romantic atmosphere with candles, and an eclectic collection of tableware and glassware. Add splashes of color with a variety of delicate flowers and greenery arranged in vases, which vary in style and material. Incorporate some modern-day elements such as a designated “selfie station” for your guests to snap the perfect selfie. Try creating a shabby chic backdrop with this relatively simple do-it-yourself pergola floral project for a creative update on the traditional photo booth.

When you have finally set the stage, bring your vintage-vision to life and dress the part on your big night! Opt for classic pieces like birdcage veils and find a vintage-fab dress to add some chic, modern day glamour.

Continue the retro feel with your menu and bar offerings. Add lace detailing to your cake and serve champagne in vintage coupes for a soiree that is oh-so chic!

Champagne is the only drink that leaves a woman still beautiful after drinking it. –Madame de Pompadour




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