Pillow Talk: Decorating with Pillows

pillow talk 1When transforming a space for a special event or in your home décor, incorporating accessories like pillows is a great way to customize the space and make it your own.  Pillows can add energy while making a space feel inviting. By adding small visual accents, you can transform any space with little investment.

To attain a polished look, and avoid overpowering your space – here are a few simple tips for perfecting the art of accessorizing with pillows:

Tip 1:  Scale + Proportion

Pay attention to the size of the pillows you choose.pillow talk 12    0022
Standard medium square pillows (16-20″) sit neatly on most average sized furniture.
 Over-sized pillows can create a casual, comfortable feel – especially piled in an area meant for lounging.
Tiny pillows can achieve a specific look, but can also create scale issues. Unless the furniture is petite as well, a pillow can look lost if too small, so pay attention to the scale of your furniture in relation to your pillows.

Tip 2: Quantity

Less is more. Keep in mind the size of your furniture and the style you are constructing. If placing a pillow on a chair, one pillow can work well. For a standard sized sofa, use no more than five total.
pillow talk 9Pillows for WP

In design, odd numbers typically tend to be more artful and modern. If working with a contemporary style, use an odd number (three or five) per sofa to create clean lines. Try incorporating bold fun-shaped pillows too! Use one larger behind and 2 smaller ones in front to create a cluster.

To create a more traditional or classic look, balance the space with an even number (two or four) per furniture piece. Arranging symmetrical pairs of pillows allows layering of classic fabrics and patterns. Again, using one larger pillow in back, with a smaller one in front. Add another two in the same configuration on the other end of the sofa for balance.

For an eclectic look, play with symmetry, style and size. If the room itself is exceptionally eclectic, an even number of pillows will produce a subliminal sense of balance. To create a casual air, use an odd number of pillows placed randomly and unintentionally around the room to establish a “threw it together” type of vibe.

Tip 3: Color + Style

When choosing a color or style for your accent pillows, consider the furniture or fixture that the pillow will rest upon. Select a pillow pattern or color family that will complement the style of furniture, but contrast the fabrics to add energy to the space while creating harmony in design.

pillow talk 2
       flirty pillows FLIP

To perfect a modern style, use large bold patterns (like geometric designs) and anchor them with solid colors. Tightly woven fabrics like cotton and linen can create a crisp, contemporary feel.

For a classic look – stick with 2-3 colors, using textures and patterns like, florals, plaids, and solids to complete the look.

Working with an eclectic style, make sure there is one unifying color or element throughout the pillows, but then have fun mixing and matching! Get imaginative, try playing with a linear fabric like a stripe and pairing it with a paisley or scrolling embroidered pillow to create an unexpected accessory story. Partner lacy accented pillows with sequins for the ever popular shabby chic look.

Gold Lounge w Pillows

Most of all, have fun when using pillows in your design. While these tips may help guide you – remember, that there are not any set rules. Enjoy selecting your pillows, placing them around your space, and most of all creating an inviting environment for sharing and relaxing with family and friends!

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