Lace Creations

As featured by Design Dawgs recently at The Special Event, lace is here stay for 2016! Lace is a versatile fabric, pays homage to antiquity, and is always sophisticated. Done right, lace can really make see your grandma’s doily’s in a new light.

Here are 3 ways we like to get creative with lace:

  1. On the top, bottom, or smack in the middle- we love adding a light layer of lace to our table tops.

    LACE - layering 1

    Planner (Left & Middle): Social Butterflies. Fabric (L&M) Cream Palazzo Medallion.   Planner (Right): Extraordinary Events . Fabric (R): White Palazzo Medallion

  2. Exposed edges. Unlike most fabrics, lace can be finished with a raw, organic edge opposed to a flat hem. Embrace it. Let the edge hang loose! No undercloth required.

    LACE - exposed edges

    Planner: When Pigs Fly; Events Linens: Ivory Cutwork Lace

  3. Colored Lace. We just carrying lace in a wide variety of colors. From champagne to sage- we have a variety of delicate earth-toned lace. And when we’re not using colored lace, we’re pairing lace on top of BOLD vibrant colors for a whole new look to the fabric.       LACE - colors     Browse our Lace Collection here. Go on, get your lace on!
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