Mosaic, Inc. – Rebranded



After 15 years in business, Mosaic is pleased to launch our new brand. Founded in 2001, our team and our capabilities have grown beyond what we had ever imagined.  Since opening, we have provided sophisticated rental linens and fabric decor for special events throughout the world. Using expertly curated collections, our experienced designers now style events with clients in every state in the USA and well beyond.

In re-branding, our goal was to stay true to our values and design aesthetic. Combining clean & classic with fanciful & decorative elements, we wanted to update our logo, ultimately creating a cohesive design which captures the look and feel of our brand. In choosing a modified quatrefoil motif as our accent, it was our intention to define our brand with a shape that is founded in strong symbolic roots but is viewed as current and relevant to today’s world as well.  This symbol has been seen throughout the ages in a variety of applications. In some cultures, it has symbolized good luck and harmony. In others, it represents the synergy of the four ends of the world. The four lobes combine geometry and symmetry, and its Latin roots are derived from “four leaves”. Our interpretation playfully merges classic elements and modern decorative detail, paralleling our business desires to encompass a variety of styles in new and original ways.



When selecting our colors for the re-brand, we considered many options. While maintaining a reference to our signature color, purple, we felt it was time to soften and neutralize our palette. By simplifying the tones and introducing some soft hues to complement our new shades of purple, we wanted to project simplicity and harmony, both in design and color.  In the end, we believe our new logo and brand have achieved the goal! They are both classic and current, and have successfully merged elements that are embedded in history and but still feel modern in design.

Cheers to all our clients, vendor friends and industry partners with whom we have worked with over the past 15 years. Mosaic is looking forward to writing a new chapter in the event industry together!

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