On Trend: Neon Popping Into Event Design


When you think of an event designed with neon,  college frat parties, Miami Vice themes, and glow stick filled raves may come to mind. While we can all have a good time with a glow stick,  we are challenging you to think again. Neon is making a comeback in sophisticated design and we find these new applications to be refreshing and fun. Below, we have created an inspiration board to show you some modern, cool and edgy design trends that we just KNOW will be all the rage in Spring/Summer 2017. 


Our Interpretation: Mosaic’s New Neon Fabrics

As a company that loves interesting fabrics, we fell in love with these new-to-market striated fabrics on a recent buying trip.  Yup, we took a ride on the neon side and purchased a few of them.  We know these new linens will be a big hit for our clients who are always looking for some cutting edge concepts for their designs!

Neon Design, yellow Brushed Neon, Rental Linen

Yellow Brushed Neon

Neon Design, Pink Neon Fabric, Rental Linens

Pink Brushed Neon

Neon Design, Rainbow Neon, Rental Linens

Rainbow Brushed Neon


Get Creative: 3 Ways to Design On Trend

While we certainly are having a neon moment, we know that incorporating this trend may feel like a walk on the wild side! No worries. Not all neon events have to look like an explosion of spray paint in a skateboard park. These three examples illustrate how you can dabble in neon to create some seriously sophisticated soirees.

Modern Edgy Pink

We are totally in love with this pink palette!  Pops of tangerine and watermelon hues combine effortlessly with our Pink Brushed Neon to create some serious magic.
Place these explosive colors against a clean white backdrop to create an event with a hip, cutting-edge design. Whether you want a sleek Miami vibe, or are searching for a fresh take on summer hues, with these fabrics you will be headed in the right direction.

Nature Inspired

While neon’s are often seen as synthetic and artificial colors in the world of art, they are in fact abundant in nature. Whether in a field of flowers, on the wing of a butterfly or in the northern lights which light up the midnight sky, these bright colors can be seen everywhere! We love how Mosaic’s Brushed Yellow Neon can be reminiscent of a vibrant meadow, creating an unusual and interesting nature inspired palette.

Retro Palettes

This Rainbow Brushed Neon linen is retro-fresh and uber-chic. The palette reminds us of cotton candy, snow cones and the hit TV series, Mad Men, and would be perfect for a retro themed gathering. With the recent hit La La Land taking over the silver screen, we know this look will create an Oscar worthy performance at your next event!

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