On Trend: Blush and Champagne in Event Design

We’re [Blush]ing

Some wedding colors and trends will come and go, but champagne and blush tones are not going anywhere, anytime soon.  This soft romantic palette is seemingly always in style. Whether in a ballroom, or on a veranda deck overlooking the great outdoors, these colors seem to compliment every environment, magically transforming every space they inhabit.

Our Interpretation: Mosaic’s New Blush and Champagne Linens

When we went shopping for linens to create our 2017 Spring/Summer Collections, we were on the hunt for new blush fabrics. Always!  We fell in love with so many, and are excited to watch our new lush textured linens come to life this year.


Cream Pipes

Nude Pressed Leather

Champagne Whispers


Blush Faux Silk

Blush Tiny Dancer

Blush Palace



Get Creative: 3 Ways to Design with Blush On Trend

With so many ways to use blush, it is almost impossible to go wrong. While some events stay true to the palette without infusing accent hues, we love the concept of introducing unexpected pops of color to create new and innovative applications of this palette.  With a hint of jade, crimson, navy or burnt orange placed next to the soft warm neutrals,  exciting things can happen. So play around, get a little edgy and find a combination which puts a personal stamp on your design, creating a vibe that is oh -so- you!


Whether adorning some luscious lips or gracing the tables of your next event, we are all about this palette. Hints of crimson, and sparkles of gold pop from the neutral foundation of bush to create sensational design inspiration.

Nature’s Prism

Taking cues from unexpected places like the back side of dried and dyed leaves, we love the way this muted prism of color works wonders on a champagne palette. Dirty smokey lavender and opulent jade velvets define these neutrals in a fresh new way. Use these tones as departure points for other décor components such as florals and signature cocktails to make an undeniably unique statement!

Doorway to Design

Inspiration can be found anywhere.  We fell in love with this door knob and were not quite sure why at first! After lots of discussion, we realized that we were drawn to it because of the unusual pairings which define the image. A rusty old door with a sparkling glass knob? A dirty subdued wooden substrate next to an unexpected fancy cobalt blue knob? It somehow works. When we experimented with linens to complimented this design, we discovered how unusual and incredible this palette is. While we never would have put burnt orange velvet, navy sequins and soft blushing silk together, it got A+ reviews from our staff.


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