ON TREND: Mixed Metals in Event Design


One our favorite trends in event design is mixing metals, and this year, mixed metals are all the rage! Interchanging platinum, gunmetal and bronze is not just a rock-n-roll craze anymore. In fact, many sophisticated and understated events are incorporating multiple metal textures in their décor, and the resulting affairs are breathtakingly beautiful! Below are a few images that inspire us to apply this design trend to our event design.

OUR INTERPRETATION: Mosaic’s New Mixed Metal Linens

When we went to market for our Spring/Summer 2017 collections, we fell in love with so many fabrics that incorporated multiple metallic pieces into patterns. We have purchased these fabric lines, and are already so inspired by our clients who are using metals in upcoming events. Whether utilizing this palette alone, or adding a pop of color with them, these new metallic patterns are sexy, edgy and ultra-chic!

Black Molten Lava

Silver Rolex

Mixed Metal Magma

Navy Mirage


Copper Parchment

Black Pressed Foil

GET CREATIVE: 3 Ways to Design with Mixed Metals

Using metallic in design can be challenging. Too much “edge”, and the soft aesthetic of an event  can be overpowered. Too little “edge”, and the metallic concept can get lost completely, and instead the metal tones can read as nothing more than a neutral backdrop for décor filled with color. Check out a few of our favorite ways to design with mixed metals and find that perfect combination to incorporate into your events!


Black and Gold

We love black and gold together, especially because Mosaic is based in Pittsburgh where all our sports team combine black and gold like no other! But, no matter where you are based, these hues create a wining combo! Throwing platinum, champagnes and ivory into the mix can create a stunning design and are especially chic for evening events.


One of the best parts about mixing metals is that a pop of any color can create fascinating results in design. We love how rich cobalt blue can merge effortlessly with gold, platinum and bronze tones to bring an element of drama to the palette. No matter what your accent color is, offsetting it against a backdrop of mixed metal will surely create magic.

Silver and Gold

Not interested in adding any color to your palette? No worries! Silver and gold by themselves are divine. We never get tired of watching the metallics play off one another when patterns and solids in these hues work together. So, who needs a splash of color when the mixed metals alone are exquisite and divine?

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