On Trend: Playful Purples in Event Design

 Mosaic’s Favorite Color

Of course Mosaic’s spring blog series would not be complete without including a story on purple! Being fans of this color and its’ ability to transform a space, when we went to market we were on the hunt for new fabrics which incorporated purple tones in new and innovative ways.  Our new purple fabrics range from dusty lavender and amethyst to hip swirling patterns in claret tones.   With flowers in bloom and spring in the air, it is time to push into warmer months with a full arsenal of purples in your event toolkit!


While Mosaic rents a lot of deeper eggplants in autumn months, we love using softer tones in this palette for the warmer season. We love the way organic patterns made from soft, dirty lilac tones can emote a shabby earthy vibe. We also love spicing it up with richer tones, and even some sheen. Deeper shades of cocoa or charcoal are divine with purple, serving to ground the palette and provide a foundation of saturated hues for any event.

Lavender Twigs

Grape Molten Lava


Lavender Cobblestone

Lavender Beehive



Mosaic loves to play with color! With inspiration in the world around us, we experimented with our newest additions and some photos we found when surfing the internet. Whether a table and chairs, a window ledge or a distressed sofa that has stood the test of time, we draw from life around us. From a color perspective, we find it fascinating that our newest fabrics can read industrial, vintage or vibrant based solely on association. For all our event friends who enjoy watching colors “talk” to each other in their décor design, they know how we feel when we get excited to see how our linens come to life in new and unexpected ways!


How amazing it is to see a re-purposed table, a claret wall and industrial chairs create a space that is understated and of-the-moment all at the same time. We are mad about this color combo and are especially drawn to the way the painted wall creates a foundation of design in this image. With Grape Molten Lava, the modern design emerges with the earthen purple hues which creates a palette pleaser! With this cloth as an anchor fabric, wonderful things can happen.


Finding inspiration in a well used sofa nestled against a wall that could use a new coat of paint, we pulled caramel and distressed neutrals to complement our smokey burnt purple fabrics in this color story. This combination feels rich and subdued, and oddly embedded in the history of this well-loved piece of furniture.


Purple shutters and a wrought-iron balcony can be used as a starting point for this color palette. With a rustic foundation, vibrant saturated purple hues play off one another to create a soulful palette for décor. Together these unusual pairings can put a modern twist on a spring fundraiser or summer soiree in your home.


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