ON TREND: Using Pantone’s Greenery in Event Design


As we all know, Greenery is the 2017 Pantone color of the year. We are already seeing this color pop up in bridal fashion, and décor in the special event industry. While the color green is nothing new, in a world that is culturally, socially and politically tumultuous, we seem to be searching for a newfound sense of connection and calmness.  At the root of these desires, greenery is being used to symbolize the rejuvenation and the revitalization of humanity.

OUR INTERPRETATION:  Mosaic’s New Green Linens

While Mosaic carries a huge collection of linens in the green family, in our Spring/Summer 2017 collections we gravitated towards new patterns that play on the Pantone color Greenery.  Earthy tones always provide re-connection to nature, and our new fabrics will work well with green florals – whether they are mossy succulents, deep saturated emeralds or eye-popping lime blooms. However, as per usual, Mosaic prefers a loose interpretation of design trends.

Get Creative: 3 Ways to Design With Green Linens

Mosaic enjoys each year watching our event community develop their own interpretations of the Pantone color of the year. While we have already have been working on some events that will successfully use the palette literally, we are also intrigued to watch event pros put their own spin on Greenery. As we explored the green theme at Mosaic, we found some fabulous new palettes that use Greenery as a foundation, but then come to life when unexpected colors are juxtaposing with the base color.  Here are a few of our favs!

Lime & Thistle

Slate blue, burlap and shades of distressed lime tones? Who knew this combo could look so understated and sophisticated? We love the combo of lattice and paisley which creates a sweet and romantic pattern story for this color palette. With burlap and cooler green hued foliage, this palette becomes both classic and edgy. The resulting vibe is perfect for a wedding, a backyard celebration or milestone occasion.

Basil & Rose

Adding smokey lavender and eggplant to Basil Mirage lets Greenery take on a whole new meaning. While paying homage to the color of the year, this palette is a departure from a more traditional use of the green tones. With a pop of silver and the addition of some succulents, these décor components can be used to bring any shabby-chic, urban-rustic event to life

Pear & Peony

As spring quickly approaches, we welcome the use of vibrant fuchsia hues in events currently being planned. Grey is a welcome neutral in this palette, grounding the bright green and pink tones.  Altogether, this combination can evoke feelings of blooming buds and the fresh spring air.  Most of all, departing from the literal translation of Greenery, one can open the doors of expression with saturated tones of pink.


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