On Trend: Voluptuous Velvets

When the air turns crisp in the fall, we gravitate towards fabrics that are plush, soft and warm. As always, taking cues from fashion provides opportunities to incorporate lush sumptuous fabrics into event design. Velvets are synonymous with softness and are on trend both on the runway and in tabletop design. With a new array of  velvet tones now available in the event market, we are working with clients to find ways to  use velvets to enrich their palettes, creating a divine depth and dimension that will certainly please partygoers this season.


With the fall and winter months ahead, clients planning events for both social and corporate events are loving velvet. While velvets historically have long been associated with European nobility, today we love partnering these lavish  fabrics with geometrics, earthy textures and even some bling. The possibilities of creating combos with velvets are endless, and we love what we are watching come to life this season!


To us, this combo is everything! Taking cues from the icy palette and gentle draping in this interior shot, we can envision using Ocean Velvet and some neutral metallics to create a soft sultry look. Adding a splash of a dusty Rose Velvet brings the tones together and creates a calm cool vibe.


This retro sofa vignette accented by a hip chandelier is a throwback to an era gone by. Chocolate brown and earthen greens create a look that is on trend for the fall season. We are all about this rich, chic and oh-so-fabulous look!


Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this comfy den!  The shag throw rug, the regal velvet chair and the dangling light bulbs together create a space perfect for intimate conversation with a mulled cider in hand. Our Oatmeal Velvet and textured Curly Willow complement the deep smokey purple patterns to create a décor concept that is inviting and warm.  We know this rich-toned combo would be perfect for holiday affairs, whether taking place at home or in a grand-scaled venue.


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