This year, lacey looks are everywhere. From loose flowing bridal gowns to outdoor weddings in farm meadows, lace is front and center.  For a long time, lace has been popular for those clients who want to envelope their guests in creamy romance. However, bold open-weave laces in vibrant hues are also popping up in design for events ranging from small home parties to larger corporate affairs.  So whether your next event calls for a light airy atmosphere or a hipper edgy vibe, consider adding some lace to spice it up.



As Spring is finally in the air, we are beginning to see lacey looks and light flowing fabrics pop up everywhere. Whether gracing the streets of NYC, bridal runway shows for fall, or in event design, lace seems to be de rigeur these days. At market this year, Mosaic fell in love with the many new laces which became available to the design industry. While we bought many laces that, unquestionably, will be used in neutral toned weddings in 2018, colored lace is also trending. Delicate open-weave designs that are created in big bold colors are amazingly gorgeous. Our clients are pushing boundaries with their innovative interpretations of lace in event design, and we are loving what we see.

White Floral Lace

Big Purple Lace

Bone Palace

Blush Chantal

Champagne Lace Creation

Teal Lace

Champagne French Lace

Sage Cutwork Lace

Bronze Milan Lace



While lace has often been a staple in bridal gowns, we have found in recent years that lace is again showing up in tabletop design. 20 years ago, the only lace available for event designers was reminiscent of Sunday dinner at grandma’s! When shabby-chic trends took off, some new basic laces returned to the market to be coupled with crystal chandeliers and bling-encrusted decor accents. Fast forward to today, when we are now seeing so many types of lace, from vintage inspired designs to bold new interpretations of open weave patterns. Creamy toned laces are spectacular and prevalent in weddings again, but crisp deep-hued versions of lace are also exciting and fresh.


How magical is this combo of Mosaic’s Teal Lace and Caribbean Waterfall? Reminiscent of ocean vistas, but combined in a way that is rich and balanced, this look is everything! Whether hosting a private event on a veranda overlooking the sea or designing a gala with a striking bold palette in a chic raw venue, pairing lacey textures and deep tones will set the mood, welcome guests, and create a vibe that is celebratory and on trend.


One of our most popular overlays is now available in a gorgeous new colorway.  This year, Mosaic welcomes Bone Palace to the family. This lacey matte sequined cloth is just spectacular. Of course combining it with creamy tones of vanilla, putty and beige will create a dreamy bridal backdrop. However, what makes this overlay fun is its’ ability to be a chameleon. Why not pair it with hot pink? When using a bold bright fabric of any color beneath it, this cloth pops and can define a room. So, no matter what your color palette is for your next event, consider adding this lacey new gem to your design. In the end, we are confident your guests will love what they see.


Lace is by nature rather organic. It winds and flows in a very lose way. In addition, it is embedded in both Americana and European history.  Mosaic now carries our Lace Creation in several colors including Champagne! We are super thrilled to watch this gorgeous cloth being used throughout the country in a variety of ways. It can be featured with other cashmere cloths to create a neutral and romantic environment of celebration. However, we are loving the effect we see when adding earthy shades of copper, and mocha to enhance its’ richness. With the addition of caramel and chocolate hues, suddenly this cloth becomes grounded, commanding a presence in an event environment. We can envision this look for a private milestone celebration, an enchanted forest-y affair or even a closing reception for a corporate retreat. Who says lace can only be used for brides? We beg to differ, and dare you to take on this look with your own authentic application.


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