Creative Centerpieces Inspire Intimate Gatherings

Creative centerpieces inspire intimate gatherings!

Summertime is for blooming flowers, playful colors, and celebrating nature with the ones you love. Now is a better time than ever to enjoy the company of those closest to you. When you are entertaining out back this season, why not consider Do It Yourself centerpieces for your tables? After so much time at home during COVID, flex those creative muscles to craft something truly unique and wow guests at your next get together.

For the Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe exhibition opening party in Pittsburgh PA, held at the Frick Art & Historical Center, paint-splattered shoes decorated with florals were the creative centerpieces of the night. Also on display was the Multi Lava linen, with accents from our Lamour line in turquoise, citron and red on the surrounding tables. Although fun and frivolous, these centerpieces can be a bit intimidating for the average DIY artist– and besides, you may not want to ruin a beautiful pair of shoes? ┬áNo worries, there are plenty of other centerpieces that can spark conversation and laughter!

Sandy Centerpieces

Sand Terrariums make a great centerpiece for a cozy home-style gathering and are an exciting interactive experience for those with kiddos! This tutorial suggests using peat pellets, soil, and seeds so you can grow your own Sedum. But if you don’t have a week lead time or a green thumb, you can also use pre-grown plants from your local garden center. Fake succulents from a craft store also work! For a simple approach to a similarly sandy centerpiece, utilize fresh flowers and mini candles.

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements with a handmade touch make for a mouthwatering centerpiece, and are especially refreshing for the summer.Try your hand at arranging flowers from the garden with the Floral Watermelon or Floral Pineapple centerpiece. If you plan to have adult cocktails, consider a centerpiece of Mint, Lavender, Sage, or any tasty herbs that can be trimmed and muddled right at the table! Simple and delicious!

Whether you choose to create a centerpiece with sand, fruit, herbs, or paint-splattered shoes, let your personality shine! By bringing your imagination to the table, you can inspire your friends and family to do the same. Looking for more decor ideas? Check out our linens, napkins, and table runners to tie the room together and add some color too your design!

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