Intimate and Personalized Micro Weddings

Intimate and Personalized Micro Weddings

Planning a wedding for 200+ people can be overwhelming, expensive, and may not be possible in the era of social distancing. Many brides are now planning intimate and personalized micro weddings, which have may have many of the same traditions of a classic reception, but includes far fewer guests. Micro weddings are intimate and personal, while still including the people that mean the most to you. Imagine a fabulous, small scale wedding ceremony literally encircled by your crew, followed by an intimate dinner in a space that radiates with love and support.

Even before a world with COVID, micro weddings have been trending around the globe.  Planning an intimate and personalized micro wedding leads to less stress in planning and can also help those on a budget. Since the number of guests is smaller, the space you are designing is also smaller. In doing so, couples may find themselves able to focus on creating special moments of the celebration loaded with impact; moments which might be harder to achieve on a grander scale. A smaller guest count makes it easier to dream big, and bring your vision to life.


Traditions are changing and bigger is not always better. Sometimes unique venues that are ideal for events can only hold a smaller number of guests. For example, spaces like art galleries, a favorite restaurant, or a private home that has meaning to the couple may not be conducive to large crowds. But these type of intimate venues are ideal for micro weddings. Some couples even choose to celebrate their day in a destination, and scale the guest list way down. Imagine inviting your guests to a mountaintop ceremony in the Rockies like this beautiful, Aspen wedding.


With a destination wedding, there may be more facets of the celebration, and a planner may be a wise investment. Although a full service event planning company is not required,  hiring a “day of” event coordinator is recommended to keep things on track.  This will provide piece of mind and allow you to enjoy the moment.  Once on site, remember that luxe linens, tableware, and unique florals will enhance the design of the tabletops and create a cohesive backdrop for the festivities. Headed to the mountains? Maybe Mosaic’s earthy Panama Linen line would be perfect. Going a little retro? Perhaps Mosaic’s  Velvet linens are perfect for this occasion. Florists and rental companies will have something for every location!


Intimate micro weddings are the most successful when they are personalized. Some ideas that cast a spotlight on your journey as a couple are also easier to bring to life when guest count is smaller. Consider a scroll of your wedding vows as a unique table runner. Some brides even use heirloom tableware from a close family member’s collection, a detail that can only be achieved with a small crowd.  Hire an artist or a calligrapher to hand draw and create your invitations or menu cards.  This one-of-a-kind, crowd pleasing detail is best achieved with a smaller invitation list.


OK, so the location is set, the table design is determined and the menu is confirmed. Now what?  As a party guest, the next question is always what to wear to this intimate affair? A floral pattern will always remain timeless and can work in any season. Whether big and bold, or light and dainty, floral prints create festive and flattering ensembles. With so many micro weddings taking place in nature, flowing floral dresses, skirts, tops or rompers will connect you to the environment and make a statement.   This Zimmerman romper is the perfect neutral floral for any soiree. Pairing a floral with a chunky heel like this one made by Maison Margiela is a chic yet practical way to add some flair at an outdoor venue.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your special day, remember that when surrounded by loved ones, you will feel love in the air. Micro weddings are on trend. Whether you are celebrating in your own backyard or halfway around the world, smaller affairs provide big moments. So make the day your own, and make it forever remembered in the hearts of  all of your guests.


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