Pops Of Color Add An Element Of Surprise

We love elaborately designed events that are saturated in color just as much as the next person. However, sometimes well planned pops of color can take a minimalistic design to the next level!  Here are some easy ways to add colorful pops to your next event.

Pops of Pillows

Fuchsia Orange Cassie Stripe Pillow

A stylish and comfortable way to add an accent color to a monochromatic room is by using pillows, like the bright Fuchsia Orange Cassie Stripe Pillows on white lounge furniture. Check out our large inventory of pillows, available in many different solid colors and unique designs on our website. If your venue does not supply lounge furniture, we suggest looking to Event SourceEventioneers, Cort Party Rental, Party Rental Limited, and AFR Furniture Rental. These companies offer great customer service and high quality products!

Accents of Color in Napkins

Top: Light Blue Cotton Bottom: Blush Lamour Right: Buttercup Lamour

One way to highlight accent color in event design is to choose colorful napkins for your design. Try to select napkins that make a big impact to compliment modestly beautiful table settings. Further, pair simple linens with delicate florals to create a stunning backdrop for your napkins. Together the components of the tablescape create a cohesive look and provide a subtle way to add color to design. Pictured above you will find spring and summer inspired napkins, however, Mosaic offers shades, patterns, and textures for every season!

Elevated Runners

Top Left To Bottom Right: Mustard – Celery – Wisteria – Dusty Rose Silk Chiffon

A trendy way to elevate a rustic farm table with soft pops of color is by using Silk chiffon runners. These gorgeous accents coordinate with your candles, glasses, and centerpieces! Silk chiffon runners are made with extra length, draping and puddling over the end of the table for drama and flair. They can also be bunched around the other decor on the table for a flowing effect down the length of your tables.

Arrangements in the Spotlight

You may not like the look of bright multi-colored floral arrangements that steal the show. Consider displaying monochromatic centerpieces for a streamlined design for your next affair! Get creative with this look. You don’t even need to use flowers at all! Sometimes simple greenery can be incorporated into multiple facets of your event to create elegance in decor.

Pops of Color in Focal Tables

Alternating solid guest seating tables with pops of colorful accent linens is a great solution for a couple on a budget. This concept also works for an event host who wants to set a few tables apart from the rest.

Left: Blue Dogwood Center: Ivory Majestic Right: Spice Panama

To accomplish this look, it is helpful to layout the room using color-coded CADs, or floorplans. First, decide on your table shapes! Consider mixing up your guest seating tables with rounds and rectangles of different sizes. A variety of table sizes and shapes will also add excitement to the space and make seating charts easier as the counts at each table are more flexible. Next, consider adding solid linen for the rectangles and a patterned or complimentary linen for the rounds. This combination can complete the look and create a fun energy that moves across your venue space. The photo above and on the right is from a wedding that took place at the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh.  This unique building was originally a YMCA then converted to a hotel and event venue! This quirky space is the perfect location for a colorful pop.

It is important to remember to keep the palette focused. Select napkins and accents that pull the colors together and make a cohesive statement. Pops of color can get confusing to guests as the eye is jumping between focal points.

Finishing Touches

Introducing color to your tableware is a great way to add a finishing touch to your design! On the tablescape pictured above, the napkins matched the linens, while the gold cutlery and jade glasses became the focal point. This solution brings drama to a long span of tables and provides a backdrop for entertainment.

Are you designing an event that is predominantly monochromatic? Are you looking for ways to add a splash of color into your decor? There are so many ways to include pops of color to your next event! These accents will invite your guests to raise a glass with you in celebration of your special day!

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