Color Trends for 2020

  •  COLOR TRENDS for 2020

When the weather is nice in the spring and summer months, there is nothing better than celebrating in the great outdoors. In some parts of the country,  the outdoor season is all year long! But for others, people get a short window of time when the air is fresh and life outdoors is perfection. Events outside always create a vibe for celebrating. Good times with friends may include hosting cookouts, celebrating birthdays, going to the beach, hiking in the mountains and soirees on a farm! One of the best things about the warmer seasons is the presence of color! Using color trends of 2020 in event design can help create good vibes. Rays of sun, reflections on the water, and flowers in full bloom all provide an explosion of color which brings happy vibes to our souls!


Every year, fashionistas and designers get excited to learn about which colors are going to be popular for the upcoming year. Whether it’s for your wardrobe, your garden, your backyard or your event decor, color makes a statement and puts us each in a mood to celebrate.  Color trends for 2020 come from a variety of sources. The leader in the “color world” will always be Pantone. Beginning with their announcement each December of the “color of the year”, designers and event professionals wait for news of what color is selected and ultimately how it will be unveiled in design in the coming year. With the announcement for 2020 of Classic Blue, this color was selected for many reasons – and Pantone does a great job explaining its choice in ways that allow us to create our own interpretations. This year, the color took reference from looking out into the universe, settling into a sense of inner grounding calm, and the unlimited possibilities in the world.   


In addition to the Color of The Year, Pantone also helps determine fashion seasonal color trends for New York Fashion Week!  This year, for example, summer color selections found reference in minty greens, sunny yellows, and bold hues of red and orange.

With the color of the year, Classic Blue, and the summer picks of fiery Flame Scarlet, Sunlight, Saffron and Coral Pink, the team at Mosaic was especially excited to see such gorgeous colors represented in tabletop design!


Top Row(Left to Right): Sies Marjan, Givenchy, Cynthia Rowley, Pyer Moss, Molly Goddard,Tory Burch…Bottom Row(Left to Right):Victoria Beckham, Tory Burch, Victoria Beckahm, Marta Jakubowski, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch

In the world of fashion, designers such as Cynthia Rowley, Tory Burch and Pyer Moss have  found ways to interpret these trends in spectacularly chic apparel. But clothes are not the only way to rock color trends.  In fact, the Live Event Industry parallels the fashion industry taking note of color trends, and bringing them to life in other ways. Event professionals interpret the trends and create stunning decor at weddings, showers, and milestone celebrations around the globe. In 2020, there will likely be many micro events and small celebrations. However, that doesn’t mean color and design are out the window! To the contrary! With such emphasis on the small moments in each celebration, every detail matters.  Color trends for 2020 have never been more important. For those planning their own event, social platforms such as Pinterest provide a great resource to see what color trends are “in” for events. At Mosaic, we have linens for every “in” color so no matter the direction of your event design, we will have something for you. When planning your backyard bash, make sure to be on trend and take note of color! 


 Color trends for 2020 making their way down couture runways inevitably flow into table design.  Fashion apparel is visually fun to see,  but from our perspective what’s even more exciting is fashioning tables for your special event! No matter what type of event you’re having, we’ve got you covered!


Look at these charming summer blues! Blues are a fabulous pick for any summer event because they can remind us of ocean breezes and heavenly blue skies.


Mosaic Products Shown: Blush Glimmer, Orange Leaf Jungle, Cotton Dutch Masters, Lemon Majestic

Tangerine, sunshine and apricot groupings of color will surely remind you and your guests of summer sunsets. These colors will bring an even larger and brighter representation of summer and light into your event. Bright bold colors are an excellent pick for events in outdoor seasons, no matter where you live. We even have fun floral patterns that incorporate many of these colors into one linen and will compliment the look! Check out our Pink Lemonade Cabana Stripe and Watercolor Garden to get inspired by some fun summer prints.


The great outdoors is not just about bold saturated color. Airy design can include earthy tones too. Pantone’s selected palettes includes rustic tones which are beautiful and bold in their own way. These soft grounded hues will bring an essence of calm to your event space so that you enjoy conversation in a relaxed environment.  Neutral tones are perfect to use as a base for any pop of color as well. Pictured here, you can see hints of sage green napkins and floral colored details which accentuate the wooden tablescapes.


Another unique way to incorporate colors into your summer event is with clever combinations of flowers. To select the perfect floral design for your event, use Pinterest and other social platforms to find inspiration.  Sometimes you can find flowers on your own at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or a local floral shop and display them yourself. However, if you don’t have experience with flower arranging (or knowing what will hold up, for example, in the heat of the summer), hire a floral designer to help you navigate the process. Green Sinner, Farmers Daughter, Hepatica and Hens and Chicks are some of our favs in Western PA. In New York we love Carolyn Dempsey and Ovando. Of course if you have a budget like the Kardashians, head on over to Marks Garden in LA to get the best of the best.



While some colors never go out of style, other color trends reflect just a season or moment in time. Find inspiration in the world and bring things that resonate with you into your next event design. Choosing to use specific colors and specific styles in your decor are personal decisions- so use what you see around you to make the most of your next event. Mosaic is here to support your vision, and provide options for bringing your ideas to life in fabric decor.

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