Welcome Little One!

Having a baby is one of the most exciting moments in life and is definitely a milestone worth celebrating! Joyful emotions fill the heart when becoming a parent, so why not have a baby shower to share your love for the new bundle of joy? One of the most popular ways to celebrate a new baby is by hosting a baby shower for a loved one so that everyone can see the mother-to-be with her adorable baby bump! Opening all the gifts is sure to bring a smile to the guests, and perhaps even a few tears of joy during an emotional reception.

Beau or Belle?

So, you found out you’re having a baby, congratulations! Are you planning to have your baby’s gender revealed or will you and your partner keep it a secret?  There are lots of ideas for gender reveals if you do chose to have one. You may have a separate party or some may even wait until the baby shower to spill the beans. Regardless of what you chose, the options for the big reveal are endless!

The Sweet Reveal

There are countless creative ways to reveal your baby’s gender.  You could have a small gathering at your home, take over a pagoda in a nearby park or even rent out a reception hall somewhere! No matter where you have the party, delicious pink and blue treats and fun games to keep your guests guessing is a must! Friends and family will love being active participants in the prediction and even more excited to find out if they guessed correctly!

Maybe you do wish to reveal your babies gender but don’t want to throw a party! There are many unique ways to have a reveal without a party. One great option for parents to-be is to do something easy and simple such as taking a video of you opening the pop-off blue or pink confetti canister and posting it to your favorite social media channel! You could also post a pic of an adorable onesie for the new babe that reveals the secret. It could even be as simple as baking a cake and using food coloring, and posting a photo of it!

Shower Time

Now that you have your baby’s gender revealed and your guests know who they’re shopping for,  either way, it’s time to start planning your shower!

Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral Party!

If you decided to keep your baby’s gender a secret, there are plenty of gender neutral decor concepts for your celebration! Theme ideas for a gender neutral shower are easy to develop. For gender neutral showers, rustic nature themed decor will create a serene environment while also representing the essence of secrecy. Neutral linens such as taupe panama is a great choice for this type of event. Panama is durable, has an earthy neutral texture, and comes in various colors to make the momma’s shower come to life!

Aside from neutrals, there are many other popular themes for a gender neutral baby shower including “What Will it Bee?“, “Jungle Themed” and “Boho Chic” to name a few!

It’s a Baby Girl!

If your secret is out and it’s a girl, you’ll blush with joy with all the adorable options for shower decor available! Many baby girl’s showers are enveloped in pastel pink. Why not add some beautiful pink linens from Mosaic for your special celebration? You could even opt for farm tables topped with our elegant silk chiffon runners! Fun patterned linens such as Birds in Bloom could also work nicely if you would prefer a floral with hints of pink.


Of course, baby girl themed cookies and pink decor must be included as well! A simple painted mason jar vase with gorgeous flowers is an easy, elegant option requiring minimal time and materials to create! You can also shop on Etsy or make your own DIY version of an adorable Mommy to Be sign!

It’s a Baby Boy!

Are you having a baby boy? If so, our Light Blue Polyester and Maize Polyester are affordable and create a fantastic color scheme option! These colors are soft and light, creating the perfect backdrop for the joyful day.  Perhaps consider adding childhood favorite Winnie-the-Pooh details to the design to add light-hearted reference to a children’s classic!  If you want something a little less literal, consider accenting your tables with our Blue Reversible Dogwood for a delicate combo of both maize and baby blue.

Don’t forget the additional decor such as tabletop accents and a wall backdrop perfect for selfies. And make sure to create an intimate branded space for the momma-to-be can open her gifts while guests sit nearby. A simple cut out of stars is an easy and simple way to fill a wall.  Tie a blue gingham ribbon around a mason jar and fill it with a floral bunch of baby’s breath for a simple and affordable centerpiece.

Once you have the decor made, you can start selecting the tasty treats. Who doesn’t love a well branded cake pop?  Easy to display and easy to eat too. If you do decide to reveal your baby’s gender at the party, you could even use gender neutral cake pops on the outside, and then fill them with cake in blue or pink. Invite the guests to grab a cake pop and all together you can bite them open for one sweet reveal! Other yummy options for a dessert menu include cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. The menu options are endless so have fun in the planning process.

Regardless if you chose to have a gender reveal or not, you can still have a fantastic baby shower filled with branded themes and color stories that support your concept. When designing this special day, remember that linens add a soft touch to decor. Be sure to check out all of our linens to find the perfect picks for your shower.




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