Giving Back

Mosaic’s owner, Susie Perelman co-founded Event Pros Take Action in 2011 with Larry Green of Peak Event Services.

This 501c3 was created for event professionals worldwide who want to get involved in rebuilding and assist those communities that have suffered from environmental catastrophe. EPTA has been to New Orleans to assist Hurricane Katrina victims for nine years and has also worked in the Rockaway Peninsula, Houston Texas, Los Angeles and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Knowing that Home is truly where the heart lies, EPTA’s mission is to work with people who have lost their homes due to profound environmental tragedy.

In addition to provide labor forces to assist in the rebuilding of homes in NOLA, EPTA has underwritten the costs of 9 homes and outfitted them in full (from bedsets, sofas and tables to flat screen TVs, washers and dryers and curtains).

To learn more visit or watch this video: