Sizing Chart

Mosaic Sizing_Size & Shape HEADER

To find the size of your table, you will need to know the height along with
length & width (for rectangles or squares) or the diameter (for rounds).
Standard tables are 30” high and bars or hightop cocktails are ~42” high.

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Mosaic Sizing_Determine the Drop HEADER

To determine the cloth size that is right for your event, decide how far you would like your
linen to drop on the profile of your table.

Choose from three different looks; Floor Length, Lap Length or Overlay

Mosaic Sizing_Determine Drop IMAGE 1

Mosaic Sizing_Determine Drop IMAGE2

Mosaic Sizing_Select Your Linen HEADER

Use the charts below to choose the linen based on your size of table and desired drop. Please reference the illustrations above for any questions regarding drop and overlays.

Mosaic Sizing_Select Your Linen IMAGE1

Mosaic Sizing_Select Your LInen IMAGE2

Mosaic Sizing_Can't Find Your Size HEADER

If you are covering tables not found in the chart above, you are most likely using a table that is not commonly used in the event industry. No worries, we have you covered!
To calculate your ideal tablecloth size, use the formulas below.


Once you find your dimensions, reference the “Select Your Linen” chart above to find the cloth that is closest in size to your needs. Call Mosaic at 1-866-5-MOSAIC or visit us online at and let us help you choose the perfect linen size for your event.

Custom Items

For any questions or information regarding custom sizing or items, please contact
our office directly at or 1-866-5-MOSAIC and let us make
your next event truly memorable.