Loungin’ Around

After a night full of dancing in those 4” heels, many guests will be begging to rest their aching feet. While cocktail tables and chairs will likely be a part of your after-party set up, think about adding some ottoman clusters to not only act as extra seating for your guests, but to also enhance the lounge-like environment. In single and double sizes, Mosaic‘s ottoman covers are available in countless fabrics and textures to coordinate with the rest of your linen décor.

Pillows, pillows everywhere! Nothing is easier or does more to add comfort and warmth to a seating area than pillows. Place them on couches in contrasting colors and prints; throw them on daybeds to establish an intimate setting; consider custom embroidery of monograms or clever slogans to add a personal touch. At the end of the night (or shall we say morning?), Mosaic pillows can even make a great giveaway for your sleepy guests. More is more when it comes to pillows!

New to the market and hotter than hot, Mosaic lampshades are unprecedented and unparalleled. Created in most of our fabrics in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, they can be utilized in many ways throughout your affair. If you already have plans for a lounge setting of ottoman clusters, couches and coffee tables, consider using a pipe and drape system to suspend lamps above this area. The lamps will not only shed light on your late-night loungers, they will also create the illusion of high ceilings, setting the scene for beautiful photos. Do plans call for a late night buffet? Use lamps as a tabletop component mounted on glass or iron vessels with LED lighting to create a chic centerpiece for those nibbling in the weee hours. Lamps are light weight, easily shipped and easy to install. Match fabrics to other décor components to make an impressive spread and well thought out décor for your after party.

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