Tricks of the Trade: Napkin Folding Trends of 2015

At Mosaic we know the importance of incorporating detail into every event.  Napkin folding is one detail you should not forget in your décor planning!


Simply Folded

Here are a few of our favorite simple napkins fold styles, which can be used for events both grand and intimate!

  • Sometimes simple is best – if you have over the top linens and extravagant centerpieces, let them shine and keep your napkin fold subtle and understated. This fold can work with all décor styles – now trending with contemporary styled events! Simply fold napkin in half twice and crease at the edge of the table so the napkin falls down the table profile.


A step up from the ultra-minimalistic approach, is the nifty “Menu Card Pocket Fold.” To get this look:

  • Lay your cloth flat and fold the bottom edge up 1/3 of the way
  • Take the top edge and fold to about 3 inches from the bottom edge
  • FLIP the entire napkin
  • Fold the left edge 1/3 of the way over and then the right edge 1/3 of the way over
  • FLIP the whole napkin back so that the pouch is at the bottom, and slide your menu card into the pocket….and voila!

Menu Card Pocket Fold

Finally, for a fold with a bit more detail and design – we love the “Triple Fold.”

  • Fold in half from left to right
  • Fold in half from bottom to top
  • Fold top right corner down diagonally
  • Fold down the next layer and tuck behind the first
  • Fold down the third layer and tuck behind the second
  • Fold the right side under, about an inch
  • Fold the other side over
  • FLIP – and now you have three pockets for silver placement!

    Triple Fold

    Triple Fold

While there are countless ways to fold napkin which add interest and intrigue to your tablescapes, these are some of our favorite folds.  No matter the fold you choose, you’ll be adding a personal touch that your guests will experience – a great way to start off an evening of dining, conversation and celebration!

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