Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Every year we await the news of Pantone’s projected color of the year.  This year, they surprised us with two! As we ring in 2016, we will welcome  Pantone’s Serenity and Rose Quartz into the mix – for home accessories, for fashion and yes, for tabletop décor as well.

Mosaic was ahead of the curve with their past interest in the palette of dusty rose (see post here)! In fact many of us in the industry have been using this palette in event design – for weddings in particular- for quite some time.  The soft hues of quartz are flattering, romantic and subtle.  Rose gold is a personal favorite of Mosaic, and with the craze of mixed metals, we adore this dirty soft shade of pink.


Mosaic has also worked with clients around the country with events enveloped in soft dirty blue hues.  In 2016 we expect many more using slate and pastel blues.  In particular, outdoor venues and beachside events tend to incorporate shades of blues. For those that choose outdoor spaces for their celebrations, they enjoy having blue skies or  ocean waves as an element in their design, so blue fabrics tend to work well in their décor!

Pantone- Serenity

This week has been filled with press, both good and bad, about the color choices Pantone has made. Quartz/Serenity advocates express that the world is filled with tension, anger and clashing opinions, so the time is right for soft calming hues. Opponents of these colors note that gender is less binary than ever. 2015 was filled with blurred  gender lines and sexual fluidity, so the Pantone color choices  encourage binary gender stereotypes and negate progress.

Being in a field that embraces all colors, we are always intrigued to see what colors are selected, and how our global community reacts to these choices. We cannot wait to get started in 2016 with events using these colors as well as every other color of the spectrum!

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