Set Your Scene: Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. No matter what your family tradition, or in which part of the world you live, celebrating the women who raised us is a universal truth!  Celebrated in close to 50 countries around the globe, there are many ways to put your own spin on this day. With gifts and flowers and often a family meal, this symbolic day is used to honor and celebrate motherhood, maternal bonds and the many ways mothers have influenced society around the globe. Check out a few of our favorite Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate your momma this holiday!


Raspberry Limoncella Mimosa

Brunch is the perfect time to share a relaxed meal. This new twist on a mimosa is light and fruity, providing a perfect beverage to go with any brunch menu. Click here to check out this recipe from The Better Half, and whip up this tasty bubbly beverage for your Mother’s Day morning!


DIY Photo Vase Gift

We love this idea for a DIY centerpiece. These vases are a perfect craft activity for the kids. Add some fresh cut flowers from your garden (or the local market) and surprise mom with a very special table centerpiece or arrangement for her bedside stand! Follow these directions from Catch My Party and create a personalized gift from the heart.

A Few of Our Mother’s Day Favs

While some holidays are associated with specific colors or themes, we love Mother’s day because anything goes! Our design consultants recommend using light cheery fabrics in a variety of color palettes that fit your personal taste.  We often see florals, toiles and stripes being used and love the fresh energy these fun patterned linens add to any tabletop design.











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