The first Monday in September, Labor Day, pays tribute to the achievements of American workers.  This yearly tradition celebrates the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of our country.  In many communities, families and friends gather to share a meal and enjoy these last days of summer together during the long weekend.

To add some inspiration to your weekend celebration, we want to share a recipe for a tasty cocktail and a great DIY mason jar votive project for a casual Labor Day weekend get together.  Along with these ideas, we included some of our top linen picks to create décor that is both brilliant and bold!


Black & Blue Mojito

This tasty take on a classic Mojito is the perfect menu addition for your Labor Day weekend party.  The red tones from the muddled, sweet juicy berries thematically enriches your celebration with both color and flavor.  Mix up a batch ahead of time or make a DIY Mojito bar to encourage interaction and engagement among your guests!

– Click here to get the recipe!


Mason Jar floating CANDLE containers

Mason jars were once used only for jarring fruits, vegetables, sauces or jams at the end of the summer.  Fast forward to today where we see these handy vessels being used for entertaining in a variety of ways- from fun handled glasses for sipping lemonade, to floating votive centerpieces.  These versatile containers are perfect for backyard soirees and casual celebrations.  This great DIY project requires a few easy to find supplies which can be easily assembled.  Once the sun sets, these wafting floating candles illuminate your table, enhancing your get-together as the party continues with the moonlight and starry skies above.

– Click here for the instructions!

 Lovin’ these Labor Day Linens

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to enjoy one last celebration as summer is nearing its’ end.   With warm weather throughout the US (in some areas a little too warm!), evening BBQs and casual brunches create opportunities to catch up with friends, and reminisce with loved ones.  Even though there are so many fun patterens linens to choose from when designing décor this time of year – we have some definite favorites!

Sage Majestic

Aqua Formal Stripe

Light Blue Fortuny Crush

Blue Pagoda Toile

Sky Emblem

Botanical Burlap

Blue Stitched Lily

BlueStone Lamour

Cobalt Aruba


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