On Trend: Styling With Stripes

On Trend: Stripes Say It All

While stripes are nothing new in event design, taking cues from fashion leads us to find fresh new ways to incorporate stripes when planning décor. From classic blue and white oxford, to insanely cool mismatched combos of colors, stripes can be used to enhance any décor and create an atmosphere that will wow any crowd.

GET CREATIVE: 3 Ways To Sneak in Those Stripes

Whether using stripes as an accent or an anchor, incorporating these bold design elements will certainly pump up the volume at any event. Adding stripes into event design in traditional colors like blue and white can create a preppy or nautical look.  Stripes aligned in a mixed up manner can read boheme or even super fashion-forward. Stripes in bold colors set against saturated colors can read modern and edgy.  So, think about the look you are trying to achieve, and let your imagination run wild with stripes.

Classic Stripes With Textured Suede: A Timeless Combo

There are no stripes quite like classic blue and white! Designers like Ralph Lauren are known for mastering the art of this classic, but young hip designers are now incorporating these classic tailored stripes into modern styled fashions. We love the combo of preppy navy and white with rusty-toned suede and slate hues, In our opinion, this look is timeless!

A Pop of Color, A Splash of Toile & Bold Stripes

Stripes and florals have been around for decades.  We love the dialogue that is created as bold geometrics interface with delicate scrolling design such as toiles. Infusing a pop of color will balance the patterns and ground the look. We cannot get enough of this  vogue combo – a new take on an ever-popular tried-and-true theme.

Mix-n-Mash It Up With Stripe On Stripe

We are seriously nuts for this mixed up jumble of pattern. Somehow the strange juxtaposed patterns play off of one another to create a look that is truly unique and defining. Take note, because balancing colors and saturation of tones will make a difference when trying to pull this off. Too much can look, well… like too much, if you are not careful. Using tips from designers like Gucci who have mastered this eclectic look, you can make the magic happen. You will also need to find the right client to buy into this mix-n-match look. But, if you are lucky enough to have one who “gets it”, creating décor will be so much fun, and certainly memorable for the guests.

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