Modern Barbie and Ken

Modern Barbie and Ken

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Planner: Shayla Hawkins Events | Photographer: Mecca Gamble | Florist: Hens and Chicks

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“That moment when love consumes you, you’re made for each other (literally) like Barbie and Ken, and you’re ready to share forever together. What if you could break all the rules and expectations and just make it about you two and your love? What if you can still have all the dreamy parts of a wedding day-the chic dress, the yummy cake, the amazing photos, and a stylish setting for two after the i do. This shoot is to inspire couples to do what they want! Do what works for you! Weddings are absolutely an amazing life moment and experience. However if that’s not important to you, if it doesn’t work for your pockets, or you don’t care about the glitz and glam and hard work behind traditional nuptials then you can have your cake and eat it just for two-elope! Just do it stylishly!” – Mecca Gamble Photography

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